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The Creative Stage

Often times prospective Web Managers find the creative stage to be a bit more simple than it really is. Consequently we find a lot of repetitious, unimaginative, and yes sometimes even boring content on the Web.

During the creative stage, authors should brainstorm about what they want to put on their site, and who they wish to be the target audience. If a programmer wishes to include helpful bits of code for other programmers, their Web site would probably need to be clean and free of unnecessary images and other distractions. (Everyone knows that programmers prefer Black and White monitors and large dot-matrix printers!) :-) However if a graphic artist wished to create a site to share ideas on graphic design with other artists, the site would need to be colorful, creative and include some graphics as well.

The trick is to imagine the type of people that will take an interest in your site and plan to make their stay an enjoyable one. The author should also do a little research and find out what materials are already available in their areas of interest. There are several well known WWW indexing robots that crawl over every square inch of Cyberspace, day in and day out. These indexes are available to find Web Pages which contain information on the topic of choice. One highly recommended search engine is Alta-Vista.

It is entirely possible that the author may find a wealth of information available on their subject, and decide to include a well organized list of their favorite Sites. In addition, pages could be created and included on their own site to discuss related topics not covered elsewhere.

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