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What is the World Wide Web? And why are so many people fascinated with it? These are some tough questions to start out with! Defining the WWW is somewhat like defining Television. It is a diverse medium of communication, in which each individual viewer takes in something unique and specialized. But there are several characteristics which elevate the WWW to an arguably higher position in the communication spectrum. The Web is interactive, unregulated, and available to anyone worldwide that has access to a computer and a phone line.

The World Wide Web is a landmark achievement in human history because for the first time any individual can make their thoughts available to the entire world instantaneously. We have reached a stage which, due to the free exchange of knowledge, may someday come to be known as the greatest period of human growth ever witnessed. Although this renaissance may at times lull us into a false sense of security, we need to keep in mind a set of basic rules. While we all should feel free to contribute to the spread of ideas and information, we must remember that expression is only valid when it is understood. For this reason we need to make our communications with the world creative, expressive, and above all else accessible.

There are several stages which a well designed World Wide Web site will go through. The first stage is The Creative Stage. Here the author will decide what subjects and materials to include on their web site. Next comes The Planning Stage. The author needs to decide where to publish their site, and how to effectively organize it. Following the planning stage, comes The Production Stage. The actual code will be written, and graphics created. The final stage in the process is Implementation and Testing. The finished web pages are loaded to the World Wide Web and tested for accuracy.

Sometimes it is tempting to skip stages of development due to time restrictions or other constraints. But experience has shown that sticking to the program will invariably yield the highest quality, and easiest to maintain sites.

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