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CSSCheck Release Notes

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November 3, 2019
Added support for checking HTTPS URLs.
August 1, 2005
CSSCheck no longer restricts the white-space property to block-level elements. This restriction was removed in the errata for the CSS1 specification and in CSS 2.1.
November 11, 2001
CSSCheck no longer complains if vertical-align is applied to a td or th element, which is permitted in CSS2 but not CSS1.
May 17, 1999
Updated most properties to reflect changes in CSS2. Also added support for some new CSS2 properties. CSS2 properties still unsupported now generate warnings instead of errors.
February 19, 1998
Password-protected style sheets can now be fetched using a URL of the form FTP URLs are now supported as well.

User name and password in an HTTP URL are invalid according to RFC 1738, but CSSCheck accepts it for the sake of convenience.

August 22, 1997
Updated CSSCheck to reflect changes in the 19-Aug-1997 version of the CSS Positioning Working Draft.
August 4, 1997
Added support for Aural Cascading Style Sheets.
August 1, 1997
Added linking of URLs (e.g., background images) in the source input listing. Partial URLs are only linked when a style sheet is fetched from the Web.
July 29, 1997
Officially released CSSCheck, with support for CSS1 and CSS Positioning.