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A tool for live CGI debugging and testing

cg-eye live

cg-eye is a test harness for CGI. It may be used as an intermediate stage between running your scripts from the commandline and putting them online, and will diagnose a number of potential problems.

cg-eye live works with your existing Form and the script to process it. It will intercept an HTTP request generated by a browser from the Form, and forward it to the script, and display diagnostics.

Your Form

To use cg-eye live, simply supply the URL of your Form. cg-eye will fetch the form, and display it, with minor changes that enable it to submit to your server via cg-eye.
Form URL:

Extra Data

Certain data is private between a browser and a server, so your browser will not send it to cg-eye even if your application requires it. You can work around that by supplying the data to cg-eye here (do not enter secure data)!:

Report Options

Select the report options you require when your Form is submitted:

Show CGI Output Validate CGI Output (HTML)