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This page is to serve as the trophy case of That being the case, we shall feel free to brag and generally post things here which shine a favorable light upon us. If you run across articles about us we would sincerely appreciate it if you would let us know. Almost all of these comments were sent to us or pointed out by friends and visitors as we have little or no time to seek them out ourselves.

About the Site:

Web Week magazine, Feb. 3, 1997
Web designers interesting in creating browser-independent and even platform-independent pages will find useful resources at the home page of the Web Design Group, a band of eight HTML authors from various countries who have mounted a volunteer effort to promote "valid and creative HTML".
HotWired's Webmonkey, January 1997 by Jeffrey Veen

To start things off, I'd like to point you to one of the best resources I've seen for dealing with the new world of stylesheets. The Cascading Style Sheet Reference, put together by John Pozadzides and Liam Quinn, is a deep and easy-to-use guide for learning and exploiting the power of this popular technology.

Not only do John and Liam point to an extensive array of reference material already online at the W3 and Microsoft sites, but they also provide both beginner and expert advice on the language, techniques, and backwards compatibility issues. They carefully weigh the pros and cons of relying on stylesheets for unique presentation effects, and examine how linked style can be an efficient and powerful way to manage Web sites. This reference guide is part of the larger HTML Help site, maintained by the Web Design Group - a crucial bookmark for anyone working on the Web today.

NetGuide Live, Jan 1997
The Web Design Group, an organization devoted to helping Web-site developers produce the best possible sites, has put together an excellent resource. Highlights include an extensive HTML tutorial, design tutorials, advice on graphics, a beginner's guide, explanation of all the current HTML tags, and a complete glossary of technical terms.
The Web Design Group presents a comprehensive list of the HTML 3.2 features, in a very user-friendly format...
Internet Public Library
Contains excellent HTML Reference materials, a good collection of HTML-related links, and an inline HTMLHelp BBS where you can ask questions.
If interested in the development of the HTML DTD 3.2 (Wilbur), the Introduction to HTML 3.2 by the World Wide Web Consortium is a must read, as well as the HTML 3.2 reference, by Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet and company.
Lots of well written advice on how to create a web site which will work with all browsers and still look great no matter what computer or web browser a user owns.

Le web pour tous !

Les créateurs du "groupe de design de sites web" ont pensé aux araignées novices impatientes de contribuer à agrandir la toile mais ne sachant par quel bout s'y prendre. Le groupe fournit un contenu propre et une liste de liens sur d'autres serveurs de référence. Se poser quelque temps - et même revenir - chez ces propagateurs de la technique Internet permet principalement de s'initier au langage HTML. Les questions à ces profs altruistes d'un genre particulier sont aussi les bienvenues.

About the HTML 3.2 Help files:

NONAGS! 6 Duckies! Wow!
A very good help file that can make an expert html coder out of anyone who can read English. This is not a simplistic piece of work but not too esoteric either that we all can learn something reading it. Check it out and bookmark their homepage too, nice place to seek help with your web design needs.
Dave Central Loved it! Superb!

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