Wings of Paradise Photos

Wings of Paradise is a butterfly conservatory in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Here are some pictures that I took during a visit in November 2004.

The conservatory features many species of butterflies, including the Owl, Postman, Clipper, and Tiger Longwing:

[Owl butterfly in front of a waterfall] [Owl butterfly eating] [Postman butterfly on a leaf] [Postman butterfly on a branch] [Postman butterfly on a flower] [Clipper butterfly] [Clipper butterfly under the wings] [Tiger Longwing butterfly with wings spread] [Tiger Longwing butterfly with wings folded] [Clipper butterfly with wings spread] [Butterfly on a red flower] [Butterfly on a red flower] [Butterflies eating] [Butterfly on a bench] [Butterfly on a leaf] [Butterfly on a leaf]

The chrysalis from which a young butterfly will emerge:

[Chrysalis of a butterfly]

An Atlas moth:

[Atlas moth] [Atlas moth] [Atlas moth]

Even without the butterflies, the conservatory would be a nice attraction with its lush garden featuring many different flowers and plants:

[Bright red flower] [Small yellow flower] [Small yellow flower] [Small yellow flower] [Cone-like flower] [Small lavender flower] [Small lavender flower] [Small lavender flower]

[Garden] [Garden] [Garden] [Garden] [Garden] [Garden] [Garden] [Garden] [Garden] [Garden] [Garden] [Garden]

Finches provide the garden with some music:

[Grey and white finch] [Green, blue, and yellow finch]